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A mature queen termite can lay up to and over 10,000 eggs a week. Times that by 52 and that’s a lot of termite activity.

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Bees and Wasps

Bees & Wasps

What is the difference?

Though bees and European wasps are of a similar

size and shape, you will easily be able to differentiate between the two by their colours. European Wasps are bright yellow and black with bright yellow legs. They are predominantly black on their front half, with bright yellow markings and predominantly bright yellow on their back half with black stripes and black dots between the stripes, down each side of the abdomen; (sometimes joining the stripes). European wasps also have longer, thicker antennae than bees.

European Wasps can nest in various cavities, walls, ceilings and trees to name a few. However the most likely place for a European wasp nest to occur is in the ground. These nests are easily sighted due to the constant European wasp activity above the nest. However the nest holes could be well hidden amongst vegetation.

Bees display a dull shade of yellow or a golden brown colour. They also have black stripes around their body, however bees do not have the black dot characteristics of the European wasp. Unlike the European wasp that has yellow legs, bees have black legs. This is probably the easiest way to differentiate between the two.

Bees often nest in tree or wall cavities and can nest in compost bins and cavities such as old suitcases. Bees, like European wasps, are not aggressive and will go about their day to day duties unless they feel threatened or are under attack. Try to avoid the flight path of swarming bees and wasps. Both bees and wasps are best left to their own devices.

About Bees:

Bees are most active during the warmer months of the year, from, early Spring to late Summer. They invade houses in order to establish new colonies and to shelter. Scout bees will fly around a building, looking for entry points. Usually these are holes in the mortar of brick walls, in ventilation holes (weep holes) and under tiles on roofs etc. They do not fly far from a previous colony and it is not unusual to see a swarm of bees settle onto a house in just a few seconds.

This is why bee jobs are considered to be an emergency as many people are allergic to their stings, some severely. They are not naturally aggressive except when defending an established hive. People normally get stung by bees when they step on, lean on or pick them off their clothing. Walking within their flight path can agitate them, as will fast and jerky movements near the hive.

Contact Tudor's Pest Control immediately to avoid any potential hazards such as Bee's or Wasp stings.

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