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Termites Cost

1 in 3 homes are affected at some stage by termite activity. If you put all the costs of damaged caused by floods & fire each year, termites still caused more financial cost.

Termites in Brisbane

Written on the 20 January 2010 by Wesley Vasille

Firstly, if you find Termites, don't panic. Contact us as soon as possible on 0402 453 163 (Wesley) or 0411 141 150 (Tudor). Dont' distrub the area as it's important to try & establish what species of termites are within the area. This will help aid in the treatment process.

Q. 1 What do termites look like?

A. Termites are similar in size to ordinary black ants. They are generally pale , some with darkened heads (soldiers). You are more likely though, to see their mud tracks or timber damage first. Termites like to stay hidden inside timber or their mud leads. The damage done to timber is typically in channels, or fluted.

Q. 2 How do I know if termites are in my house?

A. A thorough inspection by a trained expert with termite accreditation is the best answer to this question. There is no single method to prevent termite attack. There are plenty of ways to minimise termite risk. We look first for any areas around the property (and beyond) that may be conducive for termite infestation. What we are looking for are:

* Timbers which have ground contact or are close to the ground
* Moist areas or places with poor drainage/ventilation. Termites are a soft-bodied creature, and therefore need a constant source of moisture in order to survive
* Hidden or inaccessible areas such as bricked in verandahs and subfloors. A darkened environment suits termites because it harbours moisture and is less likely to be disturbed

Q. 3 What is the best way to stop termites once they gain entry to my property?

A. A thorough termite inspection is paramount to good termite control. This should be done with the aid of a moisture meter, strong torch, termite donger, and a screwdriver & years of experience. A fibre-optic borescope can be helpful when looking inside wall cavities. Some companies use a stethoscope to listen for termite activity. I have used these, though I prefer using the "thump" method. This method involves methodically thumping walls and timber, pausing to listen for termite activity at every square metre of internal gyprock and plaster walls.

Q.4 How often should I have my house inspected?

A. The Australian Standards recommends that dwelling be inspected at a maximum of 12 month intervals. Please remember, Termite Inspections do not stop termites, but are a good way of either avoiding a problem & detecting and early stage of a termite infestation. The average cost of a dwelling within Brisbane around $448,000.00...thats alot of money. A Termite inspections costs from $250.00, surely its a no brainer..Prevention is better than Cure!

Author: Wesley Vasille
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