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A mature queen termite can lay up to and over 10,000 eggs a week. Times that by 52 and that’s a lot of termite activity.

Flies and Maggots

The best way to treat maggots is to book a General Pest Treatment. That way you can get extra protection from other pests at the same time.Flies can be treated with general household sprays, however it is the nearby hatching of fly larva that could well be the root of the problem.

A general pest treatment is a mostly standard treatment that is used by our company when clients move into a new house, get a regular preventative service or have a particular pest problem that fall into this category. It consists of dusting the roof void, behind refrigerator motors, cracks and crevices in the kitchen and bathroom. A spray is applied to the skirting boards, subfloor fences, eaves and perimeters of the house and outbuildings. Any other pest harbourage areas are also covered, using common sense.

About Maggots:

Maggots are a the larva of winged insects, especially houseflies and blowflies. They are hatched from eggs which are usually laid on rotting meat or faeces. They have a putrid odour and disgust most people. Maggot infestation may often become noticeable after baiting for rodents, or unwrapped meat laying in garbage bins. In summer time, its important to throw out the garage every couple of days to avoud maggot infestations.

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